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Sunday 12 October 2014

Solo gig at the Basement

On Thursday night I will be doing a solo gig at The Basement - Live Music & Comedy Venue. It's a singer-songwriter evening with Dan Webster, Rich Hardcastle from Karno's Circus, Chris Mather from The Savoy Ballroom and Carol Henderson.
The music will start around 8:30ish and we'll be going round in a circle taking turns with the songs. It'll be £4 on the door.
The challenge is what songs to play!
I've made a shortlist:
Stressed -
The song of the henchman -
A ballad of installations
The White Tower -
Not like this (a brand new song - about death of course)
6 Monkey Song
Ok (also known as the dead girlfriend song) -
Goodnight -
The engineer
No dreams -
so if there's anything you particularly want to hear, shout out in the comments.

Here's the link for the gig:

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