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Tuesday 20 December 2022

On experiments with social media...

 Anyone who normally follows me on twitter may have noticed that I'm no longer using the platform. 

Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough.

I have, in consequence, joined the exodus to Mastodon. So far I'm enjoying it and I'd recommend it, my handle is should you want to reconnect there.

And if you do, well you might enjoy something I'm going to experiment with, which will be microblogging about the production process of my new album.

There'll be stuff about the writing process, the collaboration process (which is new to me), the recording, mixing and production side and probably a few sneak peaks of the tracks along the way.

Join usssss...

Oh yes, and the new EP is out on all your favourite streaming and download platforms, and available to buy here:

Wednesday 28 September 2022

New EP coming soon!

 I'm not saying you need to brace yourself for a new, four-track EP called "A God for the Lost and Losing" but I'm listening to the masters now...

This is a lie, it's exactly what I'm saying.

There's a new EP coming very soon. 

So soon, in fact, that I've even got the artwork ready and everything.

On all major streaming and download services soon.

Sunday 12 June 2022

Here's a little work in progress

Taking a brief break from the new album and working on a standalone track. Here's a rough early draft so you can see how it's shaping up. The Ballad of Wood Heart and Cold Bone. [EDIT - I've taken that sample track down now, but don't worry, new music will be coming on the 4th August!]

Wednesday 11 May 2022

My poor neglected website!

Blimey it has been nearly a year since I updated this. Oops. Oh well, not a lot has happened to be fair. The album launch went well and some people said some nice stuff about it. I've started working on the next one - this will be a bit different I think as I've got lots of people collaborating this time. And this release went live last week.
(But those of you who follow me on bandcamp will know it's been there a while. Pro-tip, it's where the next one will be coming first as well. Hopefully fairly soon.)