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Wednesday 24 September 2008

York Friday, Wakefield Sunday

Friday evening we're playing the York Food Festival. Yep, you read that right.

Well be playing two sets at the Fountain Cafe right in the middle of parliament street. First set at 5:30, second at 7. Come along and grab some post work nosh, then head next door to the beer tent. It'll be good.

Sunday evening we're back at WFOne on the Bullring in Wakefield.
Supporting us will be our stable mates, the excellent TWO and we'll be kicking off at about 8:30ish.

Come along and buy a cd!

stay well all

Monday 22 September 2008

Lance Armstrong’s cycling team

Bit of a venture off-topic for me this one, but it's one that's doing the rounds of the blogosphere in the sporting circles.
So if you're expecting another tirade about the industry majors or the EC or a recommendation of another bedroom musician then you'd probably best keep clicking. Any cyclists out there might want to continue reading...

Lance Armstrong is returning to cycling, but for whom will he ride? Some say he will go straight back to Astana and the welcoming (?) arms of Johan Brunyeel, others (and this is where this blog comes in) that he will start his own team, based on the anti-cancer work of his foundation, called team LiveSTRONG.
The fat cyclist may not be directly responsible for this second rumour but he's rightly doing his best to promote it :¬)
But i propose the following twist:

Team Astana-LiveSTRONG.
The team and manager is in place, the legalities and licenses are there as are the mechanisms for promotion and operation.
This, i accept, has been mentioned before, so here comes the twist:
Lance (or Mr Armstrong as i prefer to think of him) will actually ride as a chief domestique to Contador.
Wait, wait! it's not that crazy! Listen…
Mr A is doing this for the foundation, it's about getting that jersey on the podium and the name in the papers as often as possible. That's his motivation, his true motivation. What better way to do this than by supporting probably the best GC rider around at the moment. Those who think he couldn't be this selfless need just look at what he's done since retiring.
Think also of how this would mitigate any rumours around drugs etc - he's just the domestique, he's not the challenger, why focus on bad press for a dom? It sidelines all that built-up vitriol.
Ultimately consider two possibilities: Contador on the winners podium wearing his dual-branded astana LiveSTRONG top saying his team and Mr A helped get him there,
Mr A, as his team's highest finisher, languishing down in 18th spot on the GC and getting just a couple of lines mention in the more dedicated of the sporting papers.
I'm going with my theory and hoping that by posting it on Fatty's site, this site and my blog i will piggy-back on his rumour mill!

Tuesday 16 September 2008

Thursday night in Leeds and now on i-tunes!

Guess, what? yep we're playing in leeds on thursday night and i-tunes is now selling our stuff.
Who would have guessed?
Thursday night, from about 8:30 at Verve bar in Leeds (16 merrion street)

and we're on i-tunes for those of you who are slave to the cult of mac and want to spend an extra 5p to get a drm'd version of something you can get here for 74p in wonderful drm-free mp3.

apparently it's all about advertising...

do you know i can see my house from this soapbox?

stay well all

P.S. just tried to find the stuff on i-tunes and couldn't get to the server. typical "it just works" my arse...

Sunday 14 September 2008

Bleak epiphany

by which i mean the moment of realisation that it's too late. In the words of R. Scott Bakker, "We understand not simply when it is too late but precisely because it is too late."
So what brings this sudden elucidation? I've just realised an omission in the EP artwork, one that really should be there and i'm gutted that i forgot.
So here is is: the opening line of Stressed is from a Rudyard Kipling poem, The Light that Failed, and i have failed to credit this accordingly on the CD.
Arse and embuggerence.
Basically i've been playing the song for so long now that i've stopped mentioning it at live gigs and i subsequently forgot to put it in the sleeve notes.
So let this brief note set the record straight.

On an unrelated note, Hils and I are playing at the open mic night in Verve Bar in Leeds on the 18th, come down if you can.
stay well

Thursday 4 September 2008

3 things!

Firstly, gig on saturday for TWO's album launch is at St Michael Le Belfrey Hall in York, it's down one of the little alleys on Stonegate. It's also a BYOB affair and free to get in. Dr Jones and I will be supporting and we'll be on around 8:30ish

Secondly, we went to Whitby at the weekend and my good friend Jo took some pictures of us playing on the end of the pier, they'll be up on the site soon, and it was a good laugh (with the exception of the surly bugger who asked if we had an entertainment license). Check out more of Jo's work at Pixeen

Advance warning, there are naughty words in the next paragraph...

Thirdly, the bastard EU are at it again. This time they're proposing to regulate blogs. No seriously, that's what they're proposing. What a bunch of colossal fuckwits. Details are available here. I mean really? Not only is it totally fucking draconian but it's also completely fucking impossible. fucking idiots.