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Friday 29 August 2008

Gig updates

just a quick reminder before i head out to the see the Dark Knight (given all the hype i'm expecting to be disappointed - but i digress)...
We're playing quite a bit over the next week or so:
Sunday 31st at Stone Roses, supporting Pete Briley and kicking off at about 8:30ish
Wednesday 3rd at Melton's Too, looking for another top night in the loft, we'll be doing a completely acoustic session from 9-11. just £1 to get in, how good are we to you? If you've got any favourites, let us know and we'll work them into the set list.
Saturday 6th at St Michael Le Belfrey (down one of those alleys off Stonegate) for TWO's album launch, we'll be providing support for what promises to be a very special little gig.
Hope to see you at some of the above, if you have to chose one, go for wednesday because it's the one in the middle!
stay well all

EP "Digging for Bones" out now from

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Monday 18 August 2008

Lochcarron and points east

It's been a busy few days, weeks even. lots of gigs and lots of travelling. The week before last we were in Lochcarron for a gig. Beautiful place, lovely people and about 4 - 5 hours north of glasgow. In fact i was surprised to find that it was, in fact, north of Riga, where i've just come back from. Hmm, that's bad english, one should never end a sentence with a preposition; i suppose that should have read "from where i have just come back". Or maybe "back from where i have just come". Maybe i'll let it drop...
Anyway, in the meantime we've had a couple of gigs and, disappointingly, one cancelled. Boo! But we've got another booked to replace it. Hooray! So keep an eye on the myspace or the gigs page and make it down when you can.
I've posted a load of pictures on the myspace but for those of you who can't be arsed to sell your personal details to rupert murdoch you can find them here too. And here for the Riga ones. There's a bit of rambling bloggage going on as well. All one page so it might take a while to load but there are limits to how long i'm going to sit here...
So that's about it for now, i'm going away for a bit but will be back in York for our gig on sunday night (31st) with Pete Briley at the Stone Roses Bar.
Stay well

Sunday 3 August 2008

I’d just like to start off by asking, “where the bloody hell did the year go?”
I’d like to follow that up by asking, “What the fuck happened to summer?”
But moving on from that…
I have finally got the gigs page up to date, well, up to date-ish. There are a number of dates that are distinctly lacking in details, but pop ‘em in your diaries anyway – if only so you have a handy excuse the next time you’re asked to out with your “mates” from work…
Still waiting to hear what’s happening with the CD print problem – in the meantime we have sample checked a number of boxes and fished out a bunch of ones that we think are ok and I will have them available at the upcoming gigs.
And returning to the gigs topic, if you can’t make any others, make it to the Junction on the 11th, we’re headlining and it should be a cracking night.
Stay well