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Thursday 11 April 2013

What the Sam Hell?

Every now and then I sit here and think something along the lines of "Holy Shit it's 2013!" Generally this is quickly followed by something along the lines of "Where's my jetpack dammit?"
At the moment I'm suffering something similar on a shorter-term scale and thinking "Holy crap it's April!"
When did that happen?
I take comfort in the fact that obviously I'm not the only one thinking this, even mother nature has been caught napping and has forgotten to get spring ready; so I'm keeping good company.

In fact I've been keeping a lot of good company recently, Monday night's regular slot at The Habit is giving me a solid three-hours on the double bass supporting all manner of tunes and songs and Thursday night at the Rook and Gaskill is keeping my six-string skills just about ticking over.
But that's not enough.
It's never enough.

So I've finally got off my fat posterior and put a couple of ads up on to both try and build a band for my stuff and also to offer my services on the dooble baas to some singer/songwriter type or duo. I know I need to follow this up with some paper equivalents in the various music stores and studios but it's a start.

I also took a week off recently to do some chores and a bit more recording - this ended up being doing some chores, an awful lot of drinking (I blane my brother*) and a bit of finding out a bit more about cubase and compression and noise-gating and stuff like that. No actual recording, but next time I do I'll have a better idea of what I'm doing.

So whilst I'm getting my act together for both new live stuff and new recorded stuff here's a selection of localish (Leeds-based) music you should keep an eye out for:
Sam Airey
Arthur Rigby and the Baskervilles
Hope and Social

Stay well

* For everything.