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Sunday 28 February 2021

Friday 26 February 2021


 This will be re-recorded to go onto the next album, but here's something I've pulled together in the last couple of days.


Friday 5 February 2021

New album in the works...

 I've had a list of EPs to work on for a while but for various reasons I've ended up working on a track here, a track there and maybe one over there too... 

So none of them are anywhere near completion.

I've also been writing and recording some new stuff.

And I sat down last night and realised that actually there could be a theme tying some of these together. And with a bit more thought, and a bit of shuffling of track order I could see a story there.

A quick look through the yet-to-be-recorded list found another three tracks that would fill the gaps and give me, and ultimately you, a full album.

So that is now the plan.

Loads of work to do of course but I'm probably more than halfway through.

So as a bit of a teaser here's one of the tracks that's pretty much there:


In the meantime I'll sort out volume 2 of the lockdown sessions.