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Sunday 13 July 2014

Full Band Gig!

A gig you say?
A band you say?
What's all this about then?

Yes indeedy the band has its first gig. We'll be supporting The Dan Webster Band and Vesper Walk at The Woolpack on Wednesday 23rd July.

We're working on a couple of approaches for the band; some gigs will be with a full drum kit and electric geetars and amps and all that stuff, some will be stripped back with a cajon and acoustics. York's music scene being what it is* I expect we'll be doing a lot more of the latter.

This gig will be of the stripped back variety and we're currently working on a set list that should give a nice mix of some new songs, some old songs and a couple of re-worked ones.

Finding places to play original music in York is not the easiest thing nowadays, and this will be one of the last gigs that the Woolpack puts on. That's a shame but all the more reason to come down.

So we've got some songs, we've got a gig, but of course we're still working on a band name. Any suggestions? Pop 'em in the comments.
Stay well

* I'm not having a dig at the York scene by the way, we have an excellent crop of acousticky-type musicians in York and a lot of venues and pubs who support them. Trying to get a full band gig of original music means a lot fewer options though.