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Wednesday 23 July 2008

Music updates and a couple of other things

'ow do (as they say down in naaaarfick),
couple of updates for you, firstly, gig next week in the Chemic Tavern in Leeds. It's an open-mic type affair with a proper set from the headline act - that's us - and has a pretty good reputation as a night out. It's next thursday (31st) so pretty much everyone should have been paid and it's free to get in; if that isn't a recipe for a night on the beers then i don't know what is. Well, actually, going across to Belfast at the weekend for a stag do is probably an even better recipe. ;¬)
But i digress...
The Chemic is in Wodehouse and you can find all kinds of details about it here:

Secondly, CD news. The CDs have arrived, but... (you knew there was going to be a "but" otherwise i would have spammed you to death by now)
... we've had some issues with the print quality. We've sent some samples back to the production place and they're investigating. At the moment we do have CDs for sale (quite a few of them are fine) but we're not yet in a position to go heavy on the advertising because we can't guarantee the quality.
But they are available, come see me after a gig (or pretty much anytime really, i'll probably have some with me) and for just four of your english pounds i will sell you one of my 5 Track EPs.
Printing aside, i'm really happy with them.

Lastly i just thought i'd stick a couple of links up showing a couple of things have brought me up and down over the last fortnight.
This really depressed me, what are we coming to?
This really cheered me up!
Where the hell is Matt?

That's about it for now, if you can make it i'll see you in Leeds, and hopefully we'll have some good news on the CDs soon.
thanks again for all your support
Stay well

P.S. i had a little off when mountain biking on sunday - the picture is a bit disappointing because it did sting quite a bit at the time!

Sunday 6 July 2008

Well, here we are in the second half of the year. I think it might be time for me to review some of the predictions i so foolishly made at the beginning of the year. Here they are with some updates:
The turmoil in the record industry will escalate at a frightening pace resulting in:
The end of DRM
The creation of some kind of musical collective distribution mechanism
The demise of one of the big 4 record companies.
A slew of litigation and pathetic prosecutions from the big 4 record companies.
Gig prices will go up.
Well, i'm doing reasonably well so far on this one - we'll keep an eye on it through the next 6 months and the critical build up to the christmas sales.

Outside the music business
I would expect similar changes to start to permeate into all areas of commerce
We appear to be getting this a bit but not as fast as i was expecting (ever the optimist me).

Arsenal will win the football premiership
Hmm, wasn't exactly on the nail with this one...

Glouscester will win the rugby premiership
Well, i made a good stab at this one, they won more games in the actual league than anyone else, it was just the bloody play-offs that did for them. I'm claiming a degree of accuracy on this!

No-one will actually read this blog all the way through
Surprisingly i was wrong on this too

The best selling record of 2008 will be Drew Stephenson's first EP (hell it's my dream alright!)
Well now, this would have been helped on its way if we'd got our arses in gear and actually got the damn CDs available before July. But they should be hear any... day... now...

So that was the half year, mostly wrong but with occasional flashes of brilliance.

For what it's worth, Nadal to win this afternoon and Valverde to win the Tour De France.

Oh yes, and at the moment i'm listening to FDR and they're bloody good. Check 'em out here: