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Friday 3 January 2014

New Year, new plan, old songs!

Bloody hell it's 2014. Seriously how did that happen. 2001 was supposed to happen years ago, Judge Dredd should be getting ready to retire just before Marty McFly turns up from the past and we should all be using jet-packs.
I blame the state of our patent legislation. But that's probably a rant for YAMDAC instead.

So let's get back to the music, as I have been doing...
So the new plan is to re-invigorate my tunes, and the occasional cover, in the guise of a three piece. A bass-player has already been recruited and we hope to make a public debut in the donkey next week but we are still looking for a drummer / percussionist.
We're not going to be rocking out here (before anyone yells, "Judas!"), but it will be a little bit more rhythm-driven than previous incarnations recently. So, if anyone knows of, or is, a drummer who fancies slapping some skins with us, just let me know.

The other news is that I start a new job next week, sadly this means I'm no longer going to be co-hosting the open-mic night at the Wonky Donkey but Dan and Ali will keep that going and I'll still be popping down to play on a regular basis.
I will still be doing the monday nights at The Habit though.

So that's the plan for 2014:
  • Play sets as duo
  • Find drummer
  • Rehearse
  • Play gigs.

Sounds simple enough right?