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Sunday 15 October 2023

Curtis Stirling

 The next piece of the back catalogue puzzle (and the key to a future playlist) is now on all the usual platforms:

Saturday 5 August 2023

The Dead Detectives Club now on streaming sites

 Blimey, it's been months since I last released some music. The new album is ongoing but in the meantime this older EP is now available on all the main streaming and download services:

Saturday 27 May 2023

International Hawaiian Shirt Day 2023 - Change of Date

 When we first started with this shizzle, a few years ago, there was no international Hawaiian shirt day. Not formally at any rate.

Now there is. And the authorities in their wisdom sadly did not consult with me...

So we're moving International Hawaiian Shirt Day to get all our dates in a row.

Saturday 29 April 2023

Norfolk Island Sound now on all your favourite streaming services*

 Whilst work on the new album is ongoing I'm slowing getting round to getting all the older stuff up onto all the usual platforms.

This time it's Norfolk Island Sound:

 #NewRelease #newsong #ActuallyItsNotNewAtAll

*Also on the ones you hate.