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Monday 19 October 2009

Gigs and buses

Just like buses, you wait ages for an update and then get 3 all at once...
Another last minute gig, but this time it's with someone who I've actually heard of (or should that be "somebody of whom I have heard? I think it should, but let's crash on)...
Yep, first time back at fibbers for a while supporting the excellent James Yorkston. Also on the bill are Mary Hampton and David Jaycock. Normally this would cost you £11 on the door but if you print off the flyer (i.e. the picture above) it's just £5. Aren't i good to you?
The only downside to all this is that because of the busy bill i'll be on pretty much on the dot of 8pm. Don't be late...

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Ripon gig (18th) cancelled, City Screen (thursday) still on!

How irritating. Apparently the venue for sunday's gig has lost its license; i'm not sure whether it's the music license or the trading license but either way we won't be playing in Ripon this weekend.
So come down and see us at city screen on thursday instead. What else were you going to do?
stay well
Debut EP Digging for Bones out now on

Thursday 8 October 2009

Gigs and stuff!

New news! Not that old re-cycled type...
Some of you have been asking when we're playing next in York, well, the answer is "next week".
Yes, fresh from the school of Giving People Plenty of Notice, Dr Jones and I will be playing at the City Screen Basement on Thursday 15th next week. We're playing alongside Heath Lanzillotti and Codeine Vacation, about whom i know nothing. But it's a fiver to get in and that's not bad for 3 acts i reckon. Music starts at 8:00.
Hot on the heels of this we have a gig in Ripon on the Sunday (18th) for those of a (slightly) more northerly bent. It's in a wine bar in the centre of town (I assume it used to be a bank?) - more details under the gigs section.
After that we're going to take a bit of a pause. We're back in the studio doing another chunk on the album shortly and it's going to be a whole load of stuff we don't usually play live; as a result i'm going to need a shed load of practice so we're taking a bit of time away from the stage.
Bear with us, we'll be back soon with a few new songs to tempt your appetite.
stay well