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Saturday 24 March 2012

A gig, a beast and some progress

Long time no write. Hope everyone's well and the year is treating you well.
Here at Morbid Towers we've had a slow start to the year but things are chugging along now and I have a couple of updates to share with you.
Firstly I have excellent gig news. A couple of years ago the good Doctor and I opened the Limetree Festival and, amongst the various ska and reggae acts, the band of the weekend was a group from London called A.h.a.b. I'm very happy to report that I was asked to open for them at Stereo on May 10th. Sadly Hils can't make it for this one so if anyone has any requests for any of my older or solo stuff, stick it in the comments and I'll add it to the set list. Logistical details in the gigs link to the right.
Secondly (and sequeing (is that even a word) neatly on) the chap who got me this gig is a very talented singer / multi-instrumentalist named Phil Simpson. He runs the really fun jam session at The Habit on monday night where I have been lugging my beast of a double bass for the last few weeks. So if you fancy a sing-along and you're at a loose end on a monday night come down and laugh as I try to wrestle with four strings instead of six.
Finally, for the moment, having finally got all the boxes unpacked after the house move I've got all the gubbins set up for recording and have started putting some tracks down. You can hear a couple of the first drafts on my bandcamp site but the next step is to get Hils over and apply her genius and then I'll have to work out how to do some pseudo-mastering-type-stuff.
It's going to take a while...

So that's been the year for me so far, well, the interesting bit at any rate. Sadly the bit between 9-5 on a weekday has been extending its reach a bit too much, but, meh, these things happen.

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