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Sunday 1 March 2009

Just like busses...

you wait a month for a post and then you get two at once. The little buggers.
But this is just a tiny post, with a video.
Oh yes, i have just written a new song and in order to remember it i have made a little video. And, stealing shamelessly from the excellent Stickboy, i have decided to post it straight up. Here it is.

Apologies for the sound quality, it's just straight into my phone, and it's only the second time i've played the song. That's how new it is. It's called Satellite.
But anyway, let me know if this is a good thing for future new songs and blogs and i shall keep doing it


Anonymous said...

Hey Drew, cool song. But that's not how you spell buses...

Drew Stephenson said...

well, it's how i spell busses. Whether that's how buses should be spelt is another question entirely... ;¬)