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Monday 19 January 2009

don't let the thieving bastards get away with it

Warning, this post contains lots of rude words.

Non-music related and uk-only blog tonight i'm afraid.

On thursday MPs in the UK are going to vote on whether their expenses should be exempt from the freedom of information act. This amendment to the bill has been snuck in at late notice, many MPs aren't even aware it's there.
According to a recent yougov poll 70% of the british electorate don't trust their elected representatives. No fucking wonder.
So what can you do about it?
You can write to your MP. Email them. Right now. It will take less than 5 minutes.
MP Jo Swinson has tabled an early day motion against this and needs your MPs support, fortunately the good people at have done all the hard work, click on the link here, read the article and then follow the instructions. Be polite, but be firm; they are public servants and not vice versa.
Sorry if this sounds dictatorial but if you want any of these fuckers to be accountable then we have to slap down shit like this whenever it comes up.
Hopefully my next post will be back on topic and bit less angry.

P.S. if you want a hand phrasing your letter just drop me a line.


Anonymous said...

Hi Drew!

Found your website off your Aviva 'My Site'!

This post caught my eye as soon as I read the title, which is what title's are for I suppose!

Anyway, you might like to read if you've never stumbled across it.

He has 'views' on all this kind of stuff too!

Anonymous said... this post...

Dave said...

It seems your campaign has been successful??

Drew Stephenson said...

Dave, indeed, i shall claim it as a personal victory!
And Hi Jonathan, thanks for reading. Will drop you a line on AW cheers