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Thursday 19 March 2009

E-mail problems and a quick bit of gig news

Just a quick note to explain the problems people are having with my e-mail at the moment. I still have a forwarding on to my old website (that no longer exists) and that's what causing the delivery failure messages. Sorry about that, i am getting the e-mails!
And a quick update on gigs, we'll be supporting Roscoe La Belle at the city screen basement in York on April the 14th. I'm afraid i don't know much about them at the moment as their website is still in construction but i'll get some more details and post them when i know.
Oh yes, and whilst we're at it i'll give you a quick update on the album. I've been back in the studio doing some of the proper vocals (still struggling a bit with this bloody cold) and we've been doing some of the drumming as well.
It's beginning to shape up...

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