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Tuesday 16 September 2008

Thursday night in Leeds and now on i-tunes!

Guess, what? yep we're playing in leeds on thursday night and i-tunes is now selling our stuff.
Who would have guessed?
Thursday night, from about 8:30 at Verve bar in Leeds (16 merrion street)

and we're on i-tunes for those of you who are slave to the cult of mac and want to spend an extra 5p to get a drm'd version of something you can get here for 74p in wonderful drm-free mp3.

apparently it's all about advertising...

do you know i can see my house from this soapbox?

stay well all

P.S. just tried to find the stuff on i-tunes and couldn't get to the server. typical "it just works" my arse...

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