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Thursday 4 September 2008

3 things!

Firstly, gig on saturday for TWO's album launch is at St Michael Le Belfrey Hall in York, it's down one of the little alleys on Stonegate. It's also a BYOB affair and free to get in. Dr Jones and I will be supporting and we'll be on around 8:30ish

Secondly, we went to Whitby at the weekend and my good friend Jo took some pictures of us playing on the end of the pier, they'll be up on the site soon, and it was a good laugh (with the exception of the surly bugger who asked if we had an entertainment license). Check out more of Jo's work at Pixeen

Advance warning, there are naughty words in the next paragraph...

Thirdly, the bastard EU are at it again. This time they're proposing to regulate blogs. No seriously, that's what they're proposing. What a bunch of colossal fuckwits. Details are available here. I mean really? Not only is it totally fucking draconian but it's also completely fucking impossible. fucking idiots.

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