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Saturday 31 July 2010

Progress (I know I've said this before!)

Quick update on the album. I have with me now the almost-final mix, i've found two little tweaks but each of them is nothing more than a fifteen minute fix, and then we're back into the studio for a couple of days mastering.
HDC in Bradford are going to do the manufacturing for me and here's how it will work.
There will be 100 cds produced, a few of them are spoken for (Dr Jones, me, a couple of other folks who've played on the tracks), the rest are available on a first-reserved basis. I.e. if you want a cd, leave a comment or drop me a line and i'll put one aside for you. I'm expecting to still have plenty to sell at the launch (aiming for the beginning of october for this to fit round a couple of key holidays (i.e. mine and Hils').
If you do miss out on a cd there will, of course, be downloads available from i-tunes, bandcamp and a few other places. You'll be able to get the full artwork for free from the website here.
Depending on how demand goes i may be producing more cds down the line, but they'll be standard Jewel case fare, rather than what i've got planned for the limited run.
So let me know if you want your name on the cd list...

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