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Thursday 3 December 2009

Last Gig of the year

So we approach the end of 2009 and soon we'll be entering the some-what awkwardly named twenty-ten. And you know what i want to know? Not so much "what happened to 2009?" But rather "what they hell happened to the last decade?" I mean, really, where the hell did it go? I swear i still remember being 25...

But anyway, we must move on, so, last gig of the year coming up. Supporting Stewart King's new band Satori as they have the last of their album launch gigs and with additional support from Thom Piddock. Just five of your english pounds on the door (£4 if you buy in advance) and a good night of music shall follow.
Hope you've all had a good 2009, i shall write again next year and confirm how my various predictions for this year went...

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