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Thursday 28 May 2009

We've actually been playing some music...

...recently. Which is a nice change. A really nice morning up at the festival on the moor in Ryedale with Roscoe La Belle, a wedding (for which we had to make some pretty heavy changes to the set list (apparently songs about dead girlfriends could be considered inappropriate)), which was fun but i'm not in a huge hurry to do any more, and another session at Verve bar over in Leeds.
Much fun to be had.
And thursday we're playing at the Red Lion in Otley.
After that i really need to get off my over-sized posterior and book some more stuff in. Any suggestions? Come along on thursday and let me know.
Also on the good news front is that work on the album should hopefully pick up again soon. We've got the ground work down but there's still a lot to do. It's working out what to take out that's the tricky bit i reckon.
Stay well all.

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