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Saturday 17 January 2009

FREE Festival!

A two-day, FREE, indoor festival down on the Yorkshire coast, organised by the good people at Acoustic Gathering. It’s an all day event for two days from midday - 10:30. Festival starts on saturday with Chris Helme and Carl Woodford headlining and we’re on sunday (about 14:30) along with Edwina Hayes and Jon Gomm. Seriously folks, if you like acoustic music, this is going to be bloody magic!
The venue is The Vitadome-Spa Complex, Scarborough, Y011 2HD (for those of you with satnavs!)
I'll be updating this as i go along with more details.


Dave said...

And the dates are??? Oh, there they are, hiding on the side bar - 14th & 15th Feb - sorry, I'll still be away. Sounds good though.

Drew Stephenson said...

do keep up!