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Sunday 3 August 2008

I’d just like to start off by asking, “where the bloody hell did the year go?”
I’d like to follow that up by asking, “What the fuck happened to summer?”
But moving on from that…
I have finally got the gigs page up to date, well, up to date-ish. There are a number of dates that are distinctly lacking in details, but pop ‘em in your diaries anyway – if only so you have a handy excuse the next time you’re asked to out with your “mates” from work…
Still waiting to hear what’s happening with the CD print problem – in the meantime we have sample checked a number of boxes and fished out a bunch of ones that we think are ok and I will have them available at the upcoming gigs.
And returning to the gigs topic, if you can’t make any others, make it to the Junction on the 11th, we’re headlining and it should be a cracking night.
Stay well

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