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Saturday 7 June 2008

So it's been a bit of an eventful week. On wednesday Dr Jones and I did our first full length set. I was a bit nervous about whether we could actually keep people interested for 2 hours with just the two of us and playing mostly original material. But it worked and a goodly number of people came down and most of them didn't sneak out at half time.
It was down at Melton's Too on Walmgate in York, first and third wednedays of each month they have completely acoustic music on up in the loft. It's a really nice little venue and they have some good acts on.
So that was the good bit of the week.
The not so good bit was being knocked off my motorbike on tuesday night. This hurt a bit, and continues to do so. And the doctor has said i can't drink as well, the bastard. Oh yeah, and the bike has been written off as well. arse arse arse arse.
In a strange twist of fate, the example tags on the blog entry screen suggest "scooters, vacation, fall" which seems to be worryingly accurate...
Anyway, next gig is down at the Stone Roses Bar in York on sunday 22nd. More details as they come though.

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